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Explore our new designs 2024

We are happy to introduce three product news, Geofanti, Tension & Taburett Plus and an updated palette of colors, materials and finishes at Stockholm Furniture Fair. All three product launches convey Lammhults’ distinct, bold and optimistic DNA. We these launches and our refreshed palette of colors, materials and finishes we look forward to continuing on our path to revitalise and establish Lammhults as a playful brand that is easy to work with. 


Taburett Plus - An extension of an iconic design

Designed by Peter Andersson, Taburett Plus is a homage to the popular 282 stool created by Lammhults founder Edvin Ståhl in 1955 and reissued as Taburett in 2014. Reflecting on the lasting relevance of this piece of Swedish design history, Andersson imagined a creative conversation with Ståhl as inspiration to extend the iconic design for a contemporary audience and tap into the founder’s industrious mindset.


The resulting chair's seat and back are made from ABS plastic recycled from old refrigerator interiors, and furthermore, all materials in the chair, such as the steel frame and zinc details, can be separated for future recycling. The consumer-recycled ABS plastic used in Taburett Plus is a so-called mono-material. This means that it solely contains one type of plastic enabling the material to be recycled and reused in other plastic products once the chair´s lifespan has come to an end after decades of use.



The designer, Peter Andersson explains:

“It’s not always necessary to reinvent the wheel. Short-lived trends are not a sustainable way of making. You could say that Taburett Plus has taken nearly seven decades to evolve from its original starting point.”



Geofanti - A statement seating solution

Geofanti is a modular sofa with a whole lot of volume. Highly functional and adaptable as a seating solution, its 8 different modules – ranging from 1 to 2-seater units – offer comfortable support, a soft visual expression and a design that is characterised by playful angled armrests and solid, elephantine legs.



Designer, Anya Sebton describes the design:

“This is a bold sofa that feels like it’s hugging you when you relax into it. I set out to create a playful expression with the same DNA as early Lammhults designs.”


The name, Geofanti, celebrates the geometric, modular form while nodding to the qualities it shares with the designer’s favourite animal. The distinctive silhouette resulted from prioritising performance and material circularity in addition to a bold design language.


The upholstery can be fully removed for cleaning, repairs and refreshes, while the extended legs – a set of protective ‘shoes’ are optional – allow for easy cleaning underneath. At the end of its lifespan, Geofanti can be separated into its component parts for recycling. This versatile sofa is suited to an array of environments but will always provide an inviting and cosy spot to rest.



Tension - A vehicle for playful expression

Designed by Gustav Winsth, Tension reimagines the trolley for the contemporary moment. With his background in mechanical engineering, Winsth summoned this industrious spirit to celebrate the trolley as a vehicle — with the custom-made, Lammhults-branded castors forming a pleasing standout feature.

Tension is inspired by both the sleek minimalism of today’s personal devices and Lammhults’ bold S70 series from the late 60s. Featuring a sturdy steel tube frame and ultra-slim shelves, the trolley is a practical addition to any interior — whether used for display, storage or hospitality. With a pared-back welded construction and a broad spectrum of pop colours or sophisticated neutrals to choose from, Tension is a mobile side table — an expression of freedom, even when confined to a quiet corner.


The trolley’s name references the tension cables on a suspension bridge and emphasises its construction as a feat of thoughtful engineering — expertly storing its cargo with a tip guard and optional non-slip leather cover equipping the lower shelf.

Designer, Gustav Winsth, explains: “A trolley is a vehicle, so I made the castors visible and integral to the overall design. Subtly inspired by skate culture, the custom mobility system gives Tension its playful personality.”


New palette of colors, materials & finishes

Strong design informs everything we do – from our furniture to our graphics and exhibitions. In collaboration with Note (design studio), we’ve launched our refreshed CMF palette: a toolkit of carefully curated Colours, Materials and Finishes that spans our entire collection. Read more

Photos: Erik Lefvander

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