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At Lammhults we are convinced that design has a great potential to improve our everyday lives and to contribute to more meaningful and sustainable ways of living. The optimistic spirit is a defining characteristic of Lammhults – a vital part of our heritage since 1945.

Lammhults was founded in the beginning of a time of hope, economic expansion, technological progress, and modernist visions, that sparked a boom in design and architecture.

Each time has its own spirit, from which its design departs. Today’s design deals with other issues than the visionary design of modernism, or the experimental utopic design of the 1960-1970s. We believe that design has an increasingly important role to play in our changeable times: to evoke hope and to introduce new, sustainable and inspiring ways of understanding and using space.

We develop contemporary design for various kinds of spaces – public spaces, modern offices, and domestic spaces. The spaces we inhabit have a strong influence on us. Some spaces make us creative, social, and generous. Others enable us to slow down and to reflect.

At Lammhults, we know that space matters. Good design contributes to shape our dwellings and surroundings in ways that are relevant both today and tomorrow.





Meaningful design

Lammhults’ works are not autonomous objects that simply exist to generate desire and admiration. They are designed to bring forth the best of space; to make spaces more appropriate, relevant, and meaningful. We share this view with our designers, even though they all have their own unique ways of interpreting space and to solve specific problems.

The word ”meaningful” is essential to us. It covers both form and function, use and aesthetics. Form and function are two inseparable aspects of the meaning of the product. To us, comfort and beauty are equally important.

Lammhults’ design always develops in dialogue with space, usage, materials, history, craft, and technology. It is a reply to the needs of contemporary living; it is connected to how we live our lives today, the problems that we face here and now, and with our imaginaries of how to live tomorrow.



Collaborative design

With our heritage from modernism, we see design as a powerful tool for change, that can enrichen people’s lives. Moreover, design is an essentially collaborative practice that brings different perspectives together. It includes art and science, craft and engineering, vision and reality.

All our influential works are results of collaborations with great designers. The exchange of knowledge, ideas, and skills, is the core of our business. It has helped us to develop a distinct aesthetic language that is simple in grammar and precise in expression and meaning. We prefer to keep our products as simple as possible. Every aspect that is not essential is deleted.

The ”do-it-together” attitude is our key to good design. We are always open to new projects and collaborations.


Sustainable design

Our 75 year long experience in the furniture industry have given us perspective on time and design. We know that design is ultimately about creating values that last.

Our furniture endures the use of generation after generation. They are designed with care, constructed in reliable materials and by skilled craftsmen. This allows them to age with dignity.

A product that is sustainable is not unbreakable. But just because something breaks or is worn out doesn’t mean it need to be thrown away, not if it can be mended. To prolong the life course of our furniture, we offer spare parts and restauration through our RE:USE program.

As a sustainable company, we act responsibly not only towards the environment, but also towards our clients, our collaborators, and towards all the people working at Lammhults.

Our ambition is to use design to create maximum of value, for people and their environments, and at the same time use a minimum of our valuable natural resources.




AT Lammhults, we know that SPACE MATTERS.

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