Anya Sebton

"Functional Identity is the key theme in my work. Design is about combining aesthetic values together with functional and technical needs, to create a unique product. To find a need or a new function for a new product that can be a complement to the exciting collection."

Stockholm based designer Anya Sebton started working with Lammhults directly after graduating from Beckmans College of Design. She was awarded Young Nordic Design. 

Anya´s work as a successful interior architect allowed her to gain an understanding of the interior requirements of some of Sweden´s most important clients. Combined with her collected educational experiences, this has produced a well-rounded artistic and functional approach to furniture design. Anyas designs offer unexpected details and a further characteristic is that they have a unique graphic expression.

Anya Sebton´s design is found in Airports, Embassies, Museums and other high profile locations world wide.


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Products designed by Anya Sebton

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