A statement seating solution


The distinctive silhouette resulted from prioritising performance and material circularity in addition to a bold design language. The upholstery can be fully removed for cleaning, repairs and refreshes, while the extended legs – a set of protective ‘shoes’ are optional – allow for easy cleaning underneath. At the end of its lifespan, Geofanti can be separated into its component parts for recycling. This versatile sofa is suited to an array of environments but will always provide an inviting and cosy spot to rest.


Geofanti is a modular sofa with a whole lot of volume. Highly functional and adaptable as a seating solution, its 8 different modules – ranging from 1 to 2-seater units – offer comfortable support, a soft visual expression and a design that is characterised by playful angled armrests and solid, elephantine legs.

Some pictures may show products in a non-standard size, powder coat or fabric which can attract additional costs.

Geofanti – 1-seater with back

1-seater with back

Geofanti – 1-seater without back

1-seater without back

Geofanti – 2-seater with back

2-seater with back

Geofanti – 2-seater without back

2-seater without back

Geofanti – 2-seater with short back right

2-seater with short back right

Geofanti – 2-seater with short back left

2-seater with short back left

Geofanti – Right unit

Right unit

Geofanti – left unit

left unit

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Möbelfakta applies on Geofanti upholstered in fabric approved according to the EU Ecolabel or Oekotex standard.

All modules can be used as solitaires or be linked. Linking device included in all units. Right/Left unit described as when sitting in the unit. Shell of fibre board with high resilient polyurethane foam. Seat with Nozag spring. Adjustable glides.



Power supply and USB outlets at additional cost. 
Powder coated or chromed protective metal caps for legs at additional cost.



Left unit 35 kg

Right unit 35 kg

1-seater with back 28 kg

2 seater with back 42 kg

2 seater with short back left 40 kg

2 seater with short back right 40 kg

1 seater without back 22 kg

2 seater without back 33 kg


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