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Discover an updated palette of colors, materials and finishes

Strong design informs everything we do – from our furniture to our graphics and exhibitions. In collaboration with Note (design studio), we have launched our refreshed palette: a toolkit of carefully curated colors, materials, and finishes that spans our entire collection. You can now combine different elements from the palette to match any interior — whether bold and colorful or pared-back and classic.

The updated color palette will now extend across our entire product range and includes a selection of 16 powder coats (both smooth and textured), 8 plastic colors, and 6 stains, among others, starting March 1. During the transition period, the previous colors will gradually phase out, expiring once the inventory is depleted.



Susanna Wåhlin, Note (design studio) describes the palette:

“With this updated palette for Lammhults, we sought to recreate the nuanced colour world spanning the brand’s entire history: from straightforward and modernist to bold and playful. There’s a variety of expressions to explore — from the more restrained and discreet, to contrasting and colourful. You can discover new possibilities by choosing different combinations, whether stylish, poetic, or energetic. With these colours and materials, it’s easy to make a statement.”

Welcome to step into the vibrant world of Lammhults!

Photos: Christian Møller Andersen



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