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With its patented, multidirectional linking device, AddIt is a collection that inspires to creative and flexible solutions. The modules have a classic timeless design with clearly articulated features were the users can create their own unique expression with the help of different colors and choice of materials on upholstery, frame, and legs. Six modular units allow a variety of configurations for any environment.



Addit consists of six modular units – right-unit, left-unit, corner-unit, centre-unit, and two bench units. Thanks to the innovative, patented linking device that Lammhults has developed, the units can be linked together entirely according to the user's wishes. Each unit can also function as a fully upholstered stand-alone furniture piece. With Addit, Anya Sebton stretches the limits and inspires the users to make their own creative choices. An easy chair and two ottomans are also available, see separate presentation.

Addit – Center unitAddit – Center unit

Center unit

Addit – Corner unitAddit – Corner unit

Corner unit

Addit – Left/Right unitAddit – Left/Right unit

Left/Right unit

Addit – Footstool smallAddit – Footstool small

Footstool small

Addit – Footstool largeAddit – Footstool large

Footstool large

Addit – Ottoman small

Ottoman small

Addit – Ottoman large

Ottoman large

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Addit is a collection of modular components that inspires to creative and flexible solutions


Modular unit, incl. benches:
Legs of powder coated or chromium plated cast aluminium. Felt glides.
Back frame of Ø19mm powder coated or chromium plated steel tubing. Shell of plywood with high resilient polyurethane foam.
Built-in magnetic linking device. 

Fabric/Leather (bench only in fabric)

Frame and back plate in leather
Upholstery in two colors
Frame and legs in two colors

right/left unit 28.5 kg
center unit 22 kg
corner unit 16 kg
footstool small 21.4 kg
footstool large 27 kg


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Lammhults   and the environment

To reduce the consumption of resources and the environmental impact, Lammhults work with timeless designs for long product life. We strive to prevent pollution in all of our processes and work to successively reduce the environmental and climate footprint of our production facilities.

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