Experience Lammhults

True Craftsmanship

While design and materials create potential for the overall look and feel of a furniture piece - craftsmanship determines the final result. Each day, throughout our production facility, we apply manual skills that have long been forgotten by many others. Step in behind the scenes for a closer look at six steps in the furniture making process and meet some of our craftspeople.

Prototype and Construction at Lammhults

01. Prototype and Construction

New products grow in the interfaces between designer and prototype maker.

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Powder Coating at Lammhults

02. Powder Coating

Long-lasting, perfectly powder coated surfaces in all hues.

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Upholstery Sewing at Lammhults

03. Upholstery Sewing

Understanding the significance of manual dexterity in sewing.

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Upholstery at Lammhults

04. Upholstery

Upholstered for success.

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Assembly at Lammhults

05. Assembly

The Lammhults label is a guarantee of the high quality.

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Logistics at Lammhults

06. Logistics

The overall concept of quality includes ensuring accurate packaging and labelling.

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