At Lammhults we work with timeless designs of the highest quality to ensure the longest product life. In order to reduce the consumption of resources and lessen our environmental impact we start working with these topics early in the product development process. Development of new products shall be characterized by a circular approach and be designed to enable the reuse and recycling of materials. Furthermore, the products we design should, to the maximum extent possible, be produced from materials that are recycled and can be recycled. In parallel we work continuously to adapt the existing product range to this design strategy.

Lammhults’ environmental work shall be conducted in a long-term and preventative way and contribute to the sustainable development of our surroundings. This should be done by keeping house of both renewable and finite raw materials as well as energy. Furthermore, all environmental impact in the form of, for example, pollutant emissions and waste must be minimized. Our goal is not only be to meet the authorities' minimum requirements, but with a good margin, as far as possible, exceed set requirements.

We strive and work systematically to produce in all processes with regard to the environment and people. It is important that we get it right from the start and that we have focus on sustainability issues throughout the entire product life cycle, from early in the product development process until the day the product may need to be renovated or recycled.