The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

We stick to the UN definition of sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Moreover, the concept includes environmental as well as social and economic dimensions. As a furniture maker, who has been in the business since 1945,we know that these dimensions are interdependent. Our aim is to add long term value to people’s lives and environments. Everyone who are affected by the way we run our business matter to us: clients, collaborators, employees, suppliers, our local community, and future generations.


We have decided to focus on the five goals where we can make the greatest difference:

3. Good health and well-being
We provide all our employees with a safe and healthy workplace within a tolerant and inspiring corporate culture. To ensure that they feel com- fortable and well, we conduct regular employee surveys. We work hard to minimise the use of harmful chemicals and ensure that protective equipment is always available.


5. Gender equality
Sixty per cent of our workforce at Lammhults are women and 40 per cent are men. This includes our management team. We actively work to prevent unfair treatment of our employees and have zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment in the workplace. In our company, a person’s remit and performance determine salary — never gender or ethnicity.


8. Decent work and economic growth
We take the work environment very seriously. This is why we are ISO45001 certified. No matter what tasks your job involves, your work should be safe and enjoyable. To avoid the hazards associated with monotonous production work — and to make work more pleasant and challenging — our employees rotate between departments. It is also important to us that our subcontractors take the work environment as seriously as we do, which is why we always conduct thorough supplier assessments. In addition to the work environment, these assessments focus on product quality and environmental sustainability.


12. Responsible consumption and production
Our goal for 2030 is to make all our products exclusively of recycled materials. We are therefore working hard at steadily increasing their recycled material content. Circularity is a key concept for us. Lammhults furniture is designed and manufactured to be used for a very long time. To facilitate recycling once a piece of furniture has reached the end of its life, the materials used to make it are easy to separate, which also makes it possible to carry out repairs. We also offer our customers Re:use, a service that simplifies the process of restoring furniture and replacing worn-out parts.


15. Life on land
To conserve biodiversity and avoid harming ecosystems, we take great care in selecting the materials we use to make our products. For example, we only use timber sourced from sustainable forestry. We are also constantly looking at ways to increase the share of natural materials in our products. There are a lot of exciting things happening in the area of materials, nowadays. For example, we hope to start working with innovative materials like fossil-free cold foam soon and are following research into fossil-free steel with great interest.


Our sustainability goals 2030

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