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Gunilla Allard: “The television from the 60’s inspired me when choosing the shape of the table top.” Cooper comes in a number of sizes and heights. The base is a match of the craft technology of laser-cut metal components with the artistic interpretation of Gunilla Allard’s design.


The Cooper tables series is a complete table family: three top sizes, in three heights offered in both durable compact laminate or elegant oak veneer.

Some pictures may show products in a non-standard size, powder coat or fabric which can attract additional costs.

Cooper – Table height 45 cmCooper – Table height 45 cm

Table height 45 cm

Cooper – Table height 52 cmCooper – Table height 52 cm

Table height 52 cm

Cooper – Table height 72 cm

Table height 72 cm

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Frame of chromium plated or powder coated steel. Table top of 10/12 mm white compact laminate with black edge or 16 mm MDF with oak veneer and edge in oak. 


Frame of chromium plated or powder coated steel, three heights (45, 52, 72 cm). Table top of 10/12 mm white compact laminate or linoleum in sizes 55x45, 80x70 & 100x110.

Sizes: Height 45/52/72 cm              Weight:
55x45 cm                                       10.2/10.2/11.0 kg
80x70 cm                                       15.5/15.5/20.5 kg
100x110 cm                                    30.6/30.6/31.8 kg


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Lammhults   and the environment

To reduce the consumption of resources and the environmental impact, Lammhults work with timeless designs for long product life. We strive to prevent pollution in all of our processes and work to successively reduce the environmental and climate footprint of our production facilities.

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