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ATTACH is a table system offering almost limitless possibilities in terms of size, shape and design. The Attach table series brings the simplified principles of basic physics to the function of table construction. Extruded anodized recycled aluminium beams and structural recycled aluminium legs are linked under the table and secured by gravity. Technology marries art in the construction of this impressive table series. Using just a few simple basic elements, combined with a wide selection of table top materials and a choice of colours for the legs, Lammhults is offering a mass-produced yet unique table that can be freely adapted to the specific room and environment.



The Attach tables come in a number of standard sizes, in height 74 or 90 cm, and materials; melamine (broken white), ash (natural or stained), linoleum (Nero, Conifer).

Attach – Table


Attach – 3-legs


Attach – 4-legs


Attach – Conference table

Conference table

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Technology marries art


Legs of die-cast, powder-coated aluminum. Alternatively in white or black lacquer finish with polished sides. Beams of extruded anodized recycled aluminum. Choose from the border to stop 1 cm or 31 cm from the table’s short side. Adjustable foot in black or orange acetal. Table top of 22 mm wooden board in the following versions:
- Melamine: White NCS S 0502-Y
- Ash veneer, natural or stained
- Linoleum, NERO #4023, CONIFER #4174


Other shapes, sizes and material on request. The most common table formats, such as rectangle, square and circle, can also be supplied in exact sizes to suit customer requirements. To the centimeter.

Nordic Ecolabel

The Nordic Eco-label applies on Attach table with melamine (White NCS S 0502-Y) in sizes 120x290, 90x210, 90x290, 120x240 and 150x240.


Möbelfakta applies on Attach table with the table top of 22 mm wooden board in melamine in sizes of 120x290, 90x210, 90x290, 120x240, 150x240. Legs of die-cast, powder-coated recycled aluminium.

legs with row grinded sides
High friction plastic glides
Cable housings in black or white textile
Power and communication ports


Power and communication ports
- BIBOX long. Dimensions 605 x 150 mm
Excl. outlets
Incl. outlets ”Basic” = 3 power outlets & 4 CAT6, 4 USB alt.
Incl. outlets ”Plus” = 3 power outlets, 4 CAT6, 1 USB, 1 VGA, 1 AUDIO & 1 HDMI.
- BIBOX short. Dimensions 300 x 150 mm
Excl. outlets
Incl. outlets ”Basic” = 2 outlets & 2 CAT6 alt.
Incl. outlets ”Plus” = 1 power outlet, 1 CAT6, 1 VGA, 1 AUDIO & 1 HDMI.
- Frame Dimensions 242 x 73 mm
Excl. outlets
Incl. outlets ”Basic” = 1 power outlet & 2 CAT6 alt.
Incl. outlets ”Plus” = 1 power outlet, 1 VGA, 1 AUDIO & 1 HDMI.
- Integrated Dimensions 550x170 mm
Excl. outlets
Incl. outlets ”Basic” = 3 power outlets & 4 CAT6, 4 USB alt.
Incl. outlets ”Plus” = 3 power outlets, 4 CAT6, 1 USB, 1 VGA, 1 AUDIO & 1 HDMI. 1 

* If melamine and linoleum are selected with Intergrated power and communication the port will come in un nished MDF.
If veener is selected the port will come in a lackquered MDF.


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Lammhults   and the environment

To reduce the consumption of resources and the environmental impact, Lammhults work with timeless designs for long product life. We strive to prevent pollution in all of our processes and work to successively reduce the environmental and climate footprint of our production facilities.

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