Portus is a gracious architectural family of products with a clear visual identity. The seating series offers many possibilities – a stopping point, a meeting point, a relaxing space or a sharing space – all created by the combination of three simple elements: a soft sculptural bench, an ergonomic support cushion alternatively decoration pillows, and a shapely back.


The bench comes in three sizes, and can be used in either free-standing or combination mode with back and support elements creating an easy chair, 2 or 3 seater sofa. The bench base, in wood or steel, is a straightforward expression of Nordic simplicity. The curved back surrounds the seat and is available in two heights, assuming a complimentary or a commanding presence in the interior, adding visual and acoustical privacy.

Some pictures may show products in a non-standard size, powder coat or fabric which can attract additional costs.

Portus – Easy chair

Easy chair

Portus – 2-seater sofa

2-seater sofa

Portus – 3-seater sofa

3-seater sofa

Portus – Easy chair high back

Easy chair high back

Portus – 2-seater sofa high back

2-seater sofa high back

Portus – Bench


Portus – Bench 2-seater

Bench 2-seater

Portus – Bench 3-seater

Bench 3-seater

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Ergonomic support cushion alternatively decoration pillows 


Legs of powder coated or chromium plated Ø35 mm steel tubing alt. natural or stained ash. Glides. Seat frame of massive wood and molded high resilient polyurethane foam. Back of molded wood and high resilient polyurethane foam incl. quilting on the outside. Back cushion of high resilient polyurethane foam alt. decoration pillow. When upholstered in 2 colors the back cushion follows the color of the seat.
Note! Back in leather, imitation leather or patterned fabrics are not available. Seat and cushion in these materials on request.


Möbelfakta applies on Portus upholstered in fabric approved according to the E.U ECO-label or OEKO-TEX standard 100.


1-seater 16.0 kg
2-seater 24.0 kg
3-seater 37.0 kg

Easy Chair
Low back 37.0 kg
High back 50.0 kg

2-seater sofa
Low back 50.0 kg
High back 72.0 kg
3-seater sofa 68.0 kg


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Lammhults   and the environment

To reduce the consumption of resources and the environmental impact, Lammhults work with timeless designs for long product life. We strive to prevent pollution in all of our processes and work to successively reduce the environmental and climate footprint of our production facilities.

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