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Grade brings a new level of design sophistication to the plastic stacking shell chair category with its subtly reliefed polypropylene shell, recyclable, and choice of materials and color schemes. Five levels or “grades” of relief are molded into the back of Grade, providing a visual rhythm to the chair’s form.


Grade chair and armchair comes with a seat shell in 7 different colors, and has a steel frame in chrome or powder coat matching the shell color. In addition, Grade is also available with a sled base, a swivel base, a 5-star swivel base or with wooden legs. A seat pad is available. Grade also comes fully upholstered.

Grade – Chair 4 legsGrade – Chair 4 legs

Chair 4 legs

Grade – Chair wooden frameGrade – Chair wooden frame

Chair wooden frame

Grade – Chair sled baseGrade – Chair sled base

Chair sled base

Grade – Chair swivelbaseGrade – Chair swivelbase

Chair swivelbase

Grade – Chair swivelbase castersGrade – Chair swivelbase casters

Chair swivelbase casters

Grade –  Armchair 4 legsGrade –  Armchair 4 legs

Armchair 4 legs

Grade –  Armchair sled baseGrade –  Armchair sled base

Armchair sled base

Grade – Armchair swivelbaseGrade – Armchair swivelbase

Armchair swivelbase

Grade – Armchair Swivelbase CasterGrade – Armchair Swivelbase Caster

Armchair Swivelbase Caster

Grade – Chair 5 Feet SwivelbaseGrade – Chair 5 Feet Swivelbase

Chair 5 Feet Swivelbase

Grade – Armchair 5 Feet SwivelbaseGrade – Armchair 5 Feet Swivelbase

Armchair 5 Feet Swivelbase

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Frame of Ø 14 resp. 16 powder coated or chromium plated steel tubing alt. solid ash, natural or stained. When powder coated, the frame matches the color of the seat. Seat shell of recycled polypropylene in white/grey, graphite, beige, blue green, pistachio, black green or dark red. Optional seat pad of textile covered cellular rubber in Divina. Alt. fully upholstered. Armrests with upper part in polypropylene matching the color of the seat shell.

Stackable and linkable.



Frame and armrest of Ø11 powder coated or chromium plated solid steel. The armrests upper part is in polyamide matching the colour of the seat shell. The armchair is suspendable with built-in slide protection. Stackable. Linkable chair-chair or chair-armchair.


Möbelfakta applies on Grade with powder coated armrest on swivel base, without casters and black stained wooden legs.

Seat pad of textile in Divina 224, 236, 384, 691, 856, 886 or 984
Felt glides
Teflon glides (not for wooden frame)
Linking device

The height measure of 20 unupholstered chairs on a trolley: 175 cm. Width of trolley = width of chair


Swivel base, 360°, with foot of cast aluminum and pillar with 40 mm aluminum cover pipe. Optional: casters. Armrest of Ø 16 mm powder coated or chromium plated steel tubing. Seat shell, see Grade chair/armchair 

Optional: casters.



Felt glides
Linking device
Transport trolley


Height adjustable swivel base, 360°, with foot of cast recycled aluminium incl. casters. Pillar with Ø40 mm recycled aluminium cover pipe. Optional: casters. Armrest of Ø 16 mm powder coated or chromium plated steel tubing. Seat shell, see Grade chair/armchair.


Chair wooden frame: 4.7 kg
Chair/Armchair 4.5/5.0 kg
Chair/Armchair sled base 6.2/6.7 kg
Chair/Armchair on swivel base: 6.5/8.0 kg
Chair/Armchair on 5-feet swivel base: 7.6/9.1 kg


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