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Discover our new products for 2023

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Furniture that lightens the mood.

Liberatingly simple yet decidedly expressive and optimistic, this year’s two new products embody the cross between the colourful pop aesthetics and the functional modernism that is Lammhults’ DNA. With its boldly curved yet invitingly soft lines, Note’s new Bau is a refreshingly informal easy chair and modular seating series. Ciao by Gunilla Allard is a table that manages to balance expressiveness with lightness and crisp elegance.  

It’s no coincidence that Bau and Ciao rhyme. Indeed, the two furniture pieces go really well together. Not by resembling each other but by affirming and enhancing each other’s distinct personalities. Gunilla Allard and Note each developed their respective works while having insight into the other’s processes. 

This year, Lammhults will also launch a fully upholstered version of the comfortable Grade Plus chair by Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort-Lorenzen.


“I can’t look at Bau and Ciao without smiling. They make me think that sustainability isn’t just a matter of materials; it’s about aesthetics, too. In other words, I think they’re two furniture pieces that will spread joy for a long time to come.”  

— Åsa van Drumpt, CEO, Lammhults 



Anti-ordinary, versatile and expressive 

Bau is an anti-ordinary and colourful modular seating series that encourages us to furnish and design our interior environments in ways that suit us — more freely and playfully, with no regard for conventional prescriptions of right and wrong. Favourable by its nature to interior design projects, Bau can be employed as a solitary easy chair or combined to create a variety of seating configurations. The Bau collection includes a linking table whose geometrical edginess contrasts with the sofa’s laid-back personality. Bau is softer, lower, and more eccentric than the often somewhat rigid and conformist modular systems to which we have become accustomed, particularly in workplaces and public spaces 

“The truth is, we design furniture for the second-hand market, in the sense that it’s not enough for the materials to be durable. The aesthetics have to be, as well. A furniture piece must have such a strong identity and personality that it keeps on meaning something, even to future generations.”  

— Kristoffer Fagerström, Designer, Note 



An interplay of geometric shapes   

Like the names of many of her previous furniture pieces for Lammhults, the name of Gunilla Allard’s new table begins with a C. And, like them, Ciao is a piece that challenges the conventional distinction between furniture for home environments and furniture for public spaces. Yet, similarities aside, Allard has come up with something new this time. Ciao’s expression is more bold and powerful than her earlier, aesthetically minimalist works.  

Through its interplay of geometric shapes, the table manages to balance expressiveness with lightness and crisp elegance. Generously dimensioned, Ciao’s statement is boldly cubist and monochromatic. Ciao is available in nine versions. 

Ciao is a table that claims its place without dominating the room — which is important to Allard. From her background as a set designer, she is well aware that neither the room itself nor its furnishing is ever the star of the show.  


“Furniture should contribute harmony and character to a space. And help the story move forward, like low-key peripheral actors. It’s the people in the space who perform the leading roles.”  

— Gunilla Allard, Designer 


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