Anti-ordinary, versatile and expressive


Bau is a modular seating series that ignores conventional ideas of right and wrong. It can be employed as a solitary easy chair or combined to create a playful variety of seating configurations. The collection includes a linking table, whose geometrical edginess contrasts with the sofa’s laid-back personality.


Bau is softer, lower, and more eccentric than the often somewhat rigid and conformist modular systems to which we have become accustomed, particularly in workplaces and public spaces. Bau consist of 6 modular units that can be used as solitaries or be combined to create playful seating configurations.

Some pictures may show products in a non-standard size, powder coat or fabric which can attract additional costs.

Bau – easy chair straightBau – easy chair straight

easy chair straight

Bau – easy chair closedBau – easy chair closed

easy chair closed

Bau – easy chair openBau – easy chair open

easy chair open

Bau – pouf straightBau – pouf straight

pouf straight

Bau – pouf closedBau – pouf closed

pouf closed

Bau – pouf openBau – pouf open

pouf open

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Shell of fibre board with high resilient polyurethane foam. Adjustable glides. All modules can be used as solitaires or be linked with an additional linking device. Linking table, 300x490 mm, table top of 3 mm texture powder coated sheet metal. 


Möbelfakta applies on Bau upholstered in fabric approved according to the EU Ecolable or Oekotex standard 100.

Easy chair straight 19.5 kg
Easy chair closed 25 kg
Easy chair open 21 kg
Pouf straight 15.5 kg
Pouf closed 16.5 kg
Pouf open 16.5



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