Andrés Nilson

“I’m not that digital in my design process, I like to build models, but at the same time, I am very interested in the digital future. My sources of inspiration are mainly all the older masters. Especially the Danish designers strived for a totality between architecture and design, right down to the smallest door handle. What I love about design is that one thing can lead to the other and that a mistake can turn into something positive. It’s a magical process. I jump a lot between different fields of working, I feel that I must stimulate both brain halves.”

Andrés Nilson is a Swedish designer with a studio in Stockholm. He works in a very broad field ranging from graphic, product & industrial design to architectural projects and also teaches in digital art tools. Pure and clean lines characterize his design. He always strives to find the identity or the soul of the object, to tell a story or solve a problem with his designs. Andrés Nilson was one of five selected students in Lammhults’ project ‘X–Works 2.0’ in 2015/2016.

Products designed by Andrés Nilson

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