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Lammhults’ table system Attach, wins the European Aluminium Award 2016

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Continued success for Lammhults’ “Attach” table system, designed by Troels Grum-Schwensen. Since its launch at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016, “Attach” has met with great success and has won awards in several design competitions. At the European Aluminium Award competition in Düsseldorf, which took place on 29 November, “Attach” was the winner of the “Design & Lifestyle” category.


On 23 November “Attach” was awarded the Swedish design award, Design S. The table series also won gold in the American International Design Awards (IDA) in June this year. 
So “Attach” is now, less than 10 months after its launch, a triple design award winner!


The European Aluminium Design Award has been around since 1998, and has evolved into an internationally recognised quality standard for industrial design in aluminium. 


The European Aluminium Award jury explained their choice as follows:
‘It was not just the design of the table that impressed the jury, but also its production method and choice of materials. It demonstrates a unique use of aluminium profiles and their specific advantages by means of a click system for attaching the die-cast legs to the profiles. The minimalism of the table’s design, as well as the well-balanced proportions of the lines and surfaces together create an aesthetic pleasure.’

Niklas Hedin, product developer at Lammhults, who has been a very important contributor to the project, says: 
‘Developing “Attach” together with Troels has been an exciting and challenging journey. I particularly remember the day when the first prototype was to be assembled at Lammhults. A lot of people were sceptical, while some were expectant. The table is set up and gravity locks the structure. We look at one another, laugh, and realise that what we see is good.                           Ridiculously good…
‘When we develop a product like this, close collaboration is what counts. Design, construction, production – all need to be present and involved. Massive praise to everyone who contributed that extra something and brought this table system to life. I and everyone else in our PU department are looking forward to new challenges together with Troels.’



Troels Grum-Schwensen has taken a novel approach to exploring and developing innovative furniture designs, where gravity locks or stabilises the structure, for decades now. In an ambitious collaboration with Lammhults, the designer has now, with “Attach”, taken his design philosophy to new heights with a table system that, using just a few simple basic elements, can be adapted to suit a variety of rooms and offers scope for modification over time. The legs and frames of recycled aluminium can be matched with table tops in almost any format. 

Thanks to its ingenious design, “Attach” legs do not need to be screwed, threaded or twisted on. They are attached to the frame in one simple step and the leg locks itself into place with the aid of gravity. 
The most common table formats, such as rectangle, square and circle, can also be supplied in exact sizes to suit customer requirements. To the centimetre. 

Combined with a wide selection of table top materials and a choice of colours for the table legs, Lammhults is offering a mass-produced yet unique table that can be freely adapted to the specific room and environment. 





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