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Lammhults introduces Penne

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The world’s first chair with legs made of laminated wooden tubes.

Penne, designed by Julia Läufer & Marcus Keichel, combines the spirit of Scandinavian chair design with the requirements of the modern contract furniture market.

Penne is the world’s first chair made of laminated wooden tubes. The Penne chair has its hallmark both in material innovation and in aesthetics. Craftsmanship and technology meet in a unique concept. Owing to the fact that the legs are made of veneer tubes, "LignoTUBE", Penne is much lighter in weight but equally strong as a wooden chair. This allows the chair to be used in heavy duty surroundings. Penne is the perfect match for schools, auditoriums and conferences. It will also find its natural place in the cafeteria, canteen or as a visitor’s chair in an office. Or in your home.

”In accordance with the Lammhults design tradition, the chair was supposed to become an iconic piece of furniture and a real industrial product at the same time.”

The designers, Läufer & Keichel about Penne

The Penne chair is stackable, and, owing to its weight – only 3,8 kg –, it is very easy to handle. The wooden tubes/legs, come in ash – natural or stained, as well as in oak or walnut, allowing the user to create monochrome or colourful combinations. The seat and back come in polypropylene – grey, black or white. All parts are assembled with screws making it easy to take the chair apart and recycle the components.

Penne will be further developed for 2017, offering additional choices of material as well as accessories such as linking device etc.

Penne – a pleasant sensation where innovation and shape create an aesthetical balance.

The designers Julia Läufer and Marcus Keichel are based in Berlin and have been working together since 2003. Focusing on sustainable design solutions, their disciplines range from furniture design and industrial design, through exhibition to corporate design for important international brands. Their work has been internationally exhibited, published and awarded.


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