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Lammhults' Attach Table wins iF Design Award

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Attach Table-system, designed by Danish Troels Grum-Schwensen for Lammhults, has since its launch in February 2016, received no less than 4 design-awards.

During 2016, Attach table system received the American IDA Design Award (IDA) in June completed by the Design S Award as well as the European Aluminium Award in November.

Cecilia Hallberg, CEO at Lammhults, states;

”It ́s a fantastic feeling to receive iF Design Award. We are very proud and Troels has really succeeded with the design of Attach. The table shows high level of design, innovation and sustainability. Attach is produced locally in the neighbourhood of Lammhult. We are certain to say that many customers will enjoy to use Attach.”

The designer behind the innovation and forming of ATTACH, Troels Grum-Schwensen, quotes;

“After many years of intensive work with innovative furniture-constructions, exploiting the gravity for stabilizing and locking, it has been a special pleasure to realize this table-system in a tight cooperation with Lammhults and the brave product-developers; Andreas Mattisson and Niklas Hedin. Since the start of the design-process, many years ago, doubts and challenges have been frequent, as the idea goes close to the edge of what you would normally consider as physically possible. Lots of work and the progressive and forward-looking attitude at Lammhults, however, seem to have overcome the problems.

In this perspective I feel, at the same time, humble, honored, happy and grateful about the much recognition from top level design- -professionals around the world.”