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Lammhults at Konstfack

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Konstfack is a Swedish university in art, design, and crafts with roots dating back to the 1840s, located in Stockholm. The university holds a recurring spring exhibition every year, showcasing the students' projects.

Inca's project was to redesign the old cinema Draken, located in Stockholm, as the building itself was in use between 1938 and was closed on May 2, 1996. Nowadays, the facility is being used as a storage facility, but it still holds great potential to be utilized as a cinema once again.

By reflecting on new ways of consuming cinemas, movies, and screen viewing, she chose to use Lammhults products for the majority of the interior adding contemporary design and playfulness, creating an inviting atmosphere where modern design meets the past.

We are delighted to receive new perspectives on Lammhults' designs, thank you for sharing your work!

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