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Lammhults architecture and interiors #3

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THE SEED – a spectacular building in Istanbul, Turkey

Lammhults Möbel has been involved in several prestigious projects in Istanbul. One of them is The Seed, a spectacular activity centre in connection with Sakip Sabanci Museum next to the Bosporus. The Seed was inaugurated in 2010.

Nevzat Sayin is the architect behind several well known projects in Istanbul. Among others, he designed The Seed, an activity centre in Istanbul. The activity centre, used as a concert hall, auditorium and theatre,  is adjacent to the Sakip Sabanci Museum by the Bosporus in Istanbul. For this project, Nevzat Sayin chose more than 300 Spira chairs from Lammhults, in an eye-catching, colourful composition.

The Seed has been called Istanbul’s most different “meetings and events centre”, and has been  donated to Istanbul. With its unique location at the Bosporus and with its architectural structure, the Seed is providing services to exclusive brand names, organizations and private customers with its conference, congress and concert hall for 330 persons. The Seed is structured on a 1700 square meter area in the Sabanci University Sakip Sabanci Museum. The word “seed” is associated with birth, life, growth, future, and hope and as the seeds are under the soil, “The Seed” is in harmony with the natural seed in architectural form.

About Lammhults, and the Spira chair, Nevzat Sayin says: “Scandinavian design mostly sustains important features as simplicity, usefulness and solidity. Lammhults provides these features. The armrest chair we chose has been selected because it is light, comfortable, stackable in a concert hall that has flexible seating orders and it enables any kind of arrangements. Our desire of each chair having different color and pattern has been fulfilled by Lammhults and by all means this has been a very important point for the selection criteria.”