News & Stories / Detach wins IDA (The International Design Award)

Detach wins IDA (The International Design Award)

Detach, designed by Troels Grum-Schwensen, has now been awarded the International Design Award (IDA) in two categories.

Detach has been appointed Gold Winner in Office Equipment / Productivity Tools/Presentations, Silver Winner in Office Equipment / Furnishings/Modules.

The International Design Award honorary juries examined over 1000 entries submitted by architects and designers of interiors, fashion, products, and graphics from 52 countries throughout the world. After final decisions had been made, the jury rewarded the best professional and emerging designers for their achievements in terms of design, creativity, usability and innovation.

Detach is a power supply system, and a sound absorbent screen. All in one. The Detach system is not only a flexible workspace – it also creates soundscapes with its screen-dividing element. With its quiet and coherent visual expression, allowing it to fit into different environments, it has been designed to be both adaptable and flexible.

Troels Grum-Schwensen is educated as an Architect and designer from the Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts in Copenhagen.
He works with buildings,  interior-design  and  furniture-design . The approach is the spaces and the humans living inside them. For that  reason  many of the furniture from  Troels,  is designed with a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to fit into different rooms and architectural environments.

In some of the furniture, this is achieved through an innovative, artistic interpretation of the construction, where gravity is cleverly exploited for locking and stabilizing. The different angles and proportions are carefully adjusted, in a relationship with the function of the furniture, in order to achieve an airy, agile and balanced aesthetic. Inspirations are multifarious: The material itself, the springy movement of a cat, the stalk of a leaf, the light flight of a bird...

Several  furniture-designs  from Troels have received  design-prizes  and Troels has, among other distinctions, got the 3-year-working-grant from the National Art-foundation of the Danish State.

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