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Award-winning Attach Table range has been expanded

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Attach Table, designed by Troels Grum-Schwensen, now comes in new height.

Attach table was launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair, February 2016 and within one year, it has already received 4 design- awards: IDA Design Award, European Aluminium Award, Design S – and a few days ago Attach was also a winner of the famous IF DESIGN AWARD 2017!

Attach table system was an instant success also in the market and Lammhults saw the rapid development of the demand for the Attach table. The interest in the table system also led to a need for a higher version of the table.

Consequently, Designer Troels Grum-Schwensen was asked to design a higher table-leg for the system, an interesting project in the continuous collaboration between Lammhults and the designer.

Troels Grum-Schwensen explains: “To design a higher leg for the Attach table-system was a more challenging task than one might think. The lower version already represented not only a high degree of innovation, but also a carefully balancing of the leg- dimensions to make the “locked-by-gravity-system” function and at the same time achieve an airy and pleasant look.”

Adding almost twenty centimeters to the height of the leg increases the side-forces enormously. Therefore, the dimension in the top of the leg had to grow accordingly, to ensure the physical stability of the higher table.

Troels continues: “I chose to keep the angle of the outer-contour of the leg in order to achieve a calm architectonic wholeness, when low and high tables will be placed in the same room. A lot of decisions were to be made in order to make the high leg and the low leg as similar as possible, taking a lot of differences in the geometry, angles and dimensions into account.”