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During his first visit in our factory we met up with Lammhults scholarship holder in Ung Svensk Form 2023, Simon Mattisson, and learned more about his approach to design. Simon wants to create experimental, unique furniture pieces that don't compromise on either function nor design, while minimizing resource consumption.

The snow is falling outside the window, reminding us of how quickly a year passes by. Simon Mattisson received the Lammhults scholarship in Ung Svensk Form 2023 during early 2023, giving him the possiblity to access our product development team and workshop during one year. During these months Simon has explored the process of designing furniture, finding the most suitable design for this project that combines experimental elements with an inviting expression. Simon has presented several ideas and revaluated his designs experiencing a hands on process between a designer and a manufacturer.

Ung Svensk Form is an annual competition and traveling exhibition for upcoming young Swedish desingers. The ambition is to increase awareness of innovative, young Swedish design, helping it reach new audiences and connect to the design industry. The brief is very broad, and the scholarship allows the recipient to freely choose how to spend their time with Lammhults. While having this conversation with Simon, the prototype is still in the early stages of elaboration, and working collaboratively with the product development team.

Simon explains, 'Holding the Ung Svensk Form scholarship has given me a great introduction to working as a professional designer, allowing me to gather extensive knowledge and experience at the beginning of my career.'

Today, we're examining an early prototype of a flippable chair, entirely made out of steel tubing, together with Peter in the mechanical workshop. By incorporating two designs into one robust construction, users can use it both as a chair and as a lounge sofa, depending on the tilt direction.

However, there are still improvements to be made. When asking about the foundation and idea of the design, Simon explains, 'My idea has always been to push the design boundaries and create something that provides the end user with as much furniture and functionality as possible while minimizing consumption. We are eager to follow Simon's upcoming prototypes and to see his end result which will be presented during late spring.


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