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A collaborative practice - Ung Svensk Form, part 3

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This is the third time we meet up with Ung Svensk Form´s Lammhults scholarship holder Gustav Winsth, in his process of developing a product with the support of Lammhults product development team. Check out the final result - meet Bloat!

It has been almost a year since Gustav Winsth was announced as winner of the Lammhults Scholarship in Ung Svensk Form 2022. The scholarship allows upcoming designer/artist to work within the real-world circumstances of a contemporary furniture company, both in terms of its possibilities and challenges. 

For the third time during this scholarship year we met up with Gustav to have a dialogue about the collaboration and this time the final result. The outcome of the project - the sofa Bloat - was presented during an event in the Lammhults showroom in Stockholm in December.



I've had the luxury of working with Lammhults over the past year to produce a product where the brief was truly unframed. The only guideline was to challenge Lammhults in shape and production. We decided early on that the result should be to produce two as well-made prototypes as possible with a focus on aesthetics over producibility. 


Bloat is a big sofa; it has a 2-meter-long steel structure that was too big for the powder coating line, which was a problem. But I like to work big; I want my objects to take their place in the room they end up in, whether it's a living room, a bar or a lobby. At the same time, it was important to me in terms of design that Lammhults’ identity should appear clearly in the final product, and I found a common denominator in the S70 collection. Börge Lindau and Bo Lindekrantz's colourful collection from 1968 has steel tube frames with large proportions and bold colour choices and is, to say the least, an object that takes hold in any room.


I have also been inspired by the plush leather sofas of the 80s and used artificial leather for Bloat. The upholsterers at Lammhults have done a fantastic job making the pleats visible on both sides of the tube to give the illusion that the entire pad is one unit. The goal and the motivation for having padding even on parts that do not require comfort are that the seat and backrest should appear as one unit caught/trapped in the framework. 



The people at Lammhults have been fantastic and optimistic to try on my ideas and have made me feel really welcome during my visits during the project. I hope to have a reason to visit again soon!


At Lammhults we are happy with the result and the all the inspiration that Gustav has contributed with during the year says Krister Jonsson, product development manager. It has been especially interesting following Gustav’s design process and stepping into his virtual reality 3D world and watching Bloat come to life. The sofa has been developed in VR and only in the final stages physical  sofa took shape. 


During Stockholm Design Week, February 7-11, Bloat can be seen both at Stockholm Furniture Fair in Ung Svensk Form's stand in Greenhouse and also in Lammhults showroom at Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata 15.


The showroom is open:
Tue-Thu 11.00 a.m - 6.00 p.m
Fri 11.00 a.m - 5.00 p.m


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