Funk is an archetype. It establishes visual balance in spaces that otherwise risk toppling overboard.

 There are times when you have to hold back. Funk is an archetype. It was important not to over-design it. It was to have the character of a building block rather than that of a conventional piece of furniture. Rectangular, square or round. What happens when you furnish a space with such elements? What spatial consequences do such tables have? How is the architecture affected? Because Funk doesn’t communicate with the rest of the furnishing, it relates to the house directly. And establishes visual balance in spaces that otherwise risk toppling overboard.


Table top in three options:
Top of 28 mm coated MDF, graphite NCS S 8000N or white/grey NCS S 1502Y.
Top of 28 mm chip board with graphite NCS S 8000N or white/grey NCS S 1002-Y melamine incl. matching 3 mm plastic edge.
Top of 28 mm chip board with graphite- or white/grey-stained ash veneer.

Frame of polyurethane casted steel, graphite or white/grey matching the top. Adjustable feet.

Rectangular tables, H72, can be delivered linkable upon request. Sound absorbing table top with veneer or high pressure laminate available upon request.


Height 45/72:
160x80 cm
Ø100 cm 

 Height 72:
Ø120 cm
120x120 cm
Ø140 cm
140x140 cm
200x100 cm
240x120 cm
240x140 cm 
Height 72/110:
Ø70 cm 

Height 110:
220x70 cm

Power port excluding or including electricity/data installation. Available for the following sizes: 200x100, 240x120, 240x140.

Power port including electricity/data installation includes:
4 power outlets
4 network sockets

Features and benefits
F Strong visual identity.
B Appealing architecture in the office.

F Full product scope.
B Matching style throughout the largest project.


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Funk Table