strong expression.
clear identity.


Grade continues its design standards as a single standalone design. A barstool version has been added to the range, using the standard seat shell.


Grade barstool has the same seat shell as Grade chair, and can be equipped with a seat pad. Just like Grade chair, the barstool version also comes in a fully-upholstered version. Grade barstool comes in two heights.

Some pictures may show products in a non-standard size, powder coat or fabric which can attract additional costs.

Grade – Barstool 112Grade – Barstool 112

Barstool 112

Grade – Barstool 99Grade – Barstool 99

Barstool 99

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The reliefs are very subtle, not affecting the seating comfort in any way but giving Grade a strong expression and a clear identity 


Frame of Ø 14 mm powder coated or chromium plated steel tubing. When powder coated, the frame matches the color of the seat. Seat shell of recycled polypropylene in light beige, grey, black, grey green, blue, orange, yellow brown & yellow. Optional seat pad of textile-covered cellular rubber in Divina. Alt. upholstered seat, partly upholstered inside, fully upholstered inside or fully upholstered shell.


Möbelfakta applies on Grade barstool seat shell of polypropylene. Seat pad of textile covered cellular rubber in Divina.



Seat pad of textile in Divina 224, 236, 384, 691, 856, 886 or 984
Felt glides
Teflon glides
Linking device


Seat height 66 cm: 6.5 kg
Seat height 79 cm: 7.0 kg


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Lammhults   and the environment

To reduce the consumption of resources and the environmental impact, Lammhults work with timeless designs for long product life. We strive to prevent pollution in all of our processes and work to successively reduce the environmental and climate footprint of our production facilities.

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