Detach Unit

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Detach Unit

DETACH Unit – a power supply unit, and a sound absorbent screen. All in one. With its quiet, soft and coherent visual expression, allowing it to fit into different environments, DETACH Unit has been designed to be placed casually, for a shorter or longer period, on any table-top you might want to temporarily use as a personal workplace – or to connect equipment, e.g during a lecture. Nice, ready, moveable.


Detach comes in two different variants Worksystem and Unit. Detach Unit is a finished single unit that you can place on any table-top when you need to temporarily transform a meeting-table to a work-place. Detach Unit doesn’t require assembly or installation.

Some pictures may show products in a non-standard size, powder coat or fabric which can attract additional costs.

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Detach Unit

Power Unit with a profile of extruded natural anodized aluminum. End cap in cast zinc, texture powder coated in black structure alt. zinc structure. Protective rubber feet underneath. Electrical outlet with five schuko power plugs on each side, surcharge applies for UK, France, and Switzerland, see below. 3 meter extension cable is included.

Electrical outlet available for UK, France, and Switzerland. The screen is selectable in the fabrics: Dox, Salsa, and Camira Blazer. The thickness of the screen is 30mm.


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