Love Arbén

Love’s interest for art, architecture and culture was something all of his family shared, which meant that an artistic expression was only natural. 

His collaboration with Lammhults started in 1989 after he had been selected to a workshop project where experienced and new designers could exchange ideas and inspire each other with new thinking. Lammhults’ designers Lindau & Lindekrantz acted as mentors for Love and this led to the start of a fruitful collaboration between Love and Lammhults.

Love Arbén is not only an architect SIR & SAR, he has also worked as a professor at the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design in Stockholm and has written several books within architecture. The clarity of design in the modernist movement appeals to Love and he talks of the simplicity of expression in the designs of this period as being clean – free of decoration. Modern furniture is at its best when it becomes “invisible”. The furniture recedes into its setting, serving not controlling its space.

Products designed by Love Arbén